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  1. SEO is Dead?

    26/07/2013 by MrMattCP

    Typically engaging article by Susan Hallam on her website in response to the ‘SEO is Dead’ article on The Guardian …
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  2. Regional Arts Venues

    12/07/2013 by MrMattCP

    There’s a really interesting and insightful piece on the Guardian’s Culture Professionals Network website about regional arts venues – ‘less …
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  3. Beyond the press release

    01/07/2013 by MrMattCP

    Good article on the Guardian Culture Professionals website, rounding up ‘the best insights, examples and comments’ from their live chat …
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  4. Artspeak alert

    07/05/2013 by MrMattCP

    Entertaining article on The Guardian Culture Professionals Network website on ‘the most baffling examples of art lingo going’. Beware ‘radical …
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