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  1. Hard Facts to Swallow

    13/10/2014 by MrMattCP

    The latest report by GPS Culture (Christopher Gordon, David Powell & Peter Stark) has been published, looking in detail at …
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  2. Local arts funding: hitting the bullseye

    17/12/2013 by MrMattCP

    Excellent article on the Guardian Culture Professionals Network website last week on local arts funding: ‘From asking to offering, Matthew …
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  3. Death by a thousand cuts

    11/06/2013 by MrMattCP

    So, more cuts to the arts budget – no surprise there. But the level of cuts coming around the corner …
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  4. The arts are not an add-on

    08/05/2013 by MrMattCP

    Worth reading Ivan Wadeson’s typically articulate and well-reasoned response to Maria Miller’s recent speech ‘Testing Times: fighting culture’s corner in …
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