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  1. The Price of Theatre

    10/04/2014 by MrMattCP

    There’s an interesting blog by Lyn Gardner on The Guardian website today about the best and worst theatre bars and …
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  2. Parliament to look at distribution of arts funding

    14/01/2014 by MrMattCP

    Arts Professional is reporting that a House of Commons Select Committee has opened an inquiry into the work of Arts …
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  3. Why healthy theatre audiences can always grow

    09/01/2014 by MrMattCP

    There’s an excellent blog post by Lynn Gardner on The Guardian website this week about the London International Mime Festival …
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  4. Great Art & Culture for Everyone

    30/10/2013 by MrMattCP

    So Arts Council England launched their updated strategy, ‘Great Art & Culture for Everyone’ today. The new title reflects their …
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  5. Theatre Code of Conduct

    01/10/2013 by MrMattCP

    Following on from the excellent tongue-in-cheek ‘Wittertainment’ code of conduct for cinema attendance by Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode comes …
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  6. Digital Marketing Map

    02/09/2013 by MrMattCP

    Hallam Internet have created a brilliant ‘Digital Marketing Tube Map’ to mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground. It …
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  7. Arts Emergency

    27/05/2013 by MrMattCP

    I’ve recently become aware of the brilliant Arts Emergency campaign led by Josie Long and Neil Griffiths, and it’s well …
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