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  1. New concert hall for London?

    04/01/2016 by MrMattCP

    The debate around the pros & cons of a new concert hall for London are complicated. On the one hand, …
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  2. Labouring the arts policies

    26/08/2015 by MrMattCP

    So the Labour leadership election is in full swing, with a result in a couple of weeks. All four candidates …
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  3. Price perception, ticket prices & booking fees

    19/06/2015 by MrMattCP

    Several articles in the media this month about ticket pricing, especially the escalation in prices in the West End. For …
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  4. Warwick Commission for England

    04/03/2015 by MrMattCP

    So I read the Warwick Commission report with a growing sense of ire. And not just about the findings which …
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  5. 10 things that we should change in classical music concerts

    17/10/2014 by MrMattCP

    I like this article on Baldur Brönnimann’s website on ’10 things that we should change in classical music concerts’. In summary… …
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  6. Hard Facts to Swallow

    13/10/2014 by MrMattCP

    The latest report by GPS Culture (Christopher Gordon, David Powell & Peter Stark) has been published, looking in detail at …
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  7. Empires of Attention

    25/07/2014 by MrMattCP

    One of the highlights of AMA Conference 2014 in Bristol this week was Matt Locke talking about the challenge of …
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  8. ‘Culture for All’?

    09/06/2014 by MrMattCP

    Well, there’s no doubt that Sajid Javid has made an enthusiastic start as Culture Secretary. It’s so refreshing to have …
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  9. Protect Music Education

    22/05/2014 by MrMattCP

    Music education is under serious threat. The Department for Education has recommended that Local Authorities cut their music service funding to save …
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  10. ACE National Lottery Funds

    30/04/2014 by MrMattCP

    The Pareto principle holds true yet again. This time on the geographic distribution of ACE National Lottery funds, with 80% …
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