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  1. Lies, damned lies and arts funding statistics

    14/11/2014 by MrMattCP

    Liz Hill at Arts Professional has written a really brilliant analysis of the ‘lies and damned lies’ on the contribution …
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  2. 10 things that we should change in classical music concerts

    17/10/2014 by MrMattCP

    I like this article on Baldur Brönnimann’s website on ’10 things that we should change in classical music concerts’. In summary… …
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  3. Hard Facts to Swallow

    13/10/2014 by MrMattCP

    The latest report by GPS Culture (Christopher Gordon, David Powell & Peter Stark) has been published, looking in detail at …
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  4. Empires of Attention

    25/07/2014 by MrMattCP

    One of the highlights of AMA Conference 2014 in Bristol this week was Matt Locke talking about the challenge of …
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  5. ACE National Lottery Funds

    30/04/2014 by MrMattCP

    The Pareto principle holds true yet again. This time on the geographic distribution of ACE National Lottery funds, with 80% …
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  6. The Price of Theatre

    10/04/2014 by MrMattCP

    There’s an interesting blog by Lyn Gardner on The Guardian website today about the best and worst theatre bars and …
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  7. Arts Council of Wales’ new five-year strategy

    28/03/2014 by MrMattCP

    Arts Professional reports today on Arts Council of Wales’ new five-year strategy. ‘Inspire’, a draft document laying out the challenges …
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