10 things that we should change in classical music concerts

I like this article on Baldur Brönnimann’s website on ’10 things that we should change in classical music concerts’. In summary…

1. The audience should feel free to applaud between movements

2. Orchestras should tune backstage

3. We should be able to use mobile phones (in silent mode)

4. Programs should be less predictable

5. You should be able to take your drinks inside the hall

6. The artists should engage with the audience

7. Orchestras shouldn’t play in tail suits

8. Concerts should be more family friendly

9. Concert halls should use more cutting-edge technology

10. Every program should contain a contemporary piece

Personally, the only one I have a problem with is (3) – I find mobile phones distracting at all times, and it can be incredibly irritating for other audience members and, potentially, the musicians. But sign me up for the other 9. I feel a manifesto coming on…

Read the full article here


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