Hard Facts to Swallow

The latest report by GPS Culture (Christopher Gordon, David Powell & Peter Stark) has been published, looking in detail at the Arts Council England investment plans for 2015-18. ‘Hard Facts to Swallow’ makes uncomfortable reading, with a widening of the gap in investment in London compared with the regions.

The report claims that the balance in London’s favour is more than 4:1, with £689m invested in the arts in London (a per-capita return of just under £82 per head of population) and £900m invested in the rest of England (a per-capita return of just under £20 per head of population).

In response, ACE’s Chief Executive Alan Davey said “we’ve been addressing the balance of funding between London and elsewhere since that strategy was launched in 2010 and we will build on that in our next funding period. Our national strategy considers the whole ecology of England’s arts and culture… the trend is in the right direction.”

Download ‘Hard Facts to Swallow’ from the GPS Culture website and draw your own conclusions…

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