The Price of Theatre

There’s an interesting blog by Lyn Gardner on The Guardian website today about the best and worst theatre bars and cafes – “Ice-creams that cost £4.50, wine at £9 a glass – theatre bars and cafes can be a rip-off, but the best are destinations in their own right”.

I was part of this Twitter conversation with Lyn having just paid £9 for an interval glass of wine in a West End theatre. It was a special occasion and I didn’t want to challenge the cost, but it is outrageous exploitation of a captive market.

Click here to read Lyn’s blog on The Guardian website

The discussion reminded me of an brilliant exercise that gets carried out each year by the BBC looking at ‘The Price of Football’. For each division, they look at ticket prices (matchday and season tickets), and the cost of programmes, food & drink to publish a league table of the overall cost of going to a football match.

Click here for The Price of Football webpage from 2013

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a similar exercise for theatres: West End, off-West End and regional? Could take into account the thorny issue of booking fees too. Would love to see the results of such an exercise. A job for SOLT/TMA/UK Theatre perhaps?


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