New Culture Secretary – a few thoughts

So Maria Miller finally quits. What was interesting today on the broadcast media was the total absence of any analysis of her time in office or her legacy at DCMS. Speaks volumes really. Has there ever been a more disinterested Culture Minister, exemplified by her failure to visit Derry/Londonderry during their year as City of Culture.

So now we have Sajid Javid. Described on the radio today as a “protege of George Osborne”. Which is a worry, obviously. He’s a finance guy, so the danger is that he’ll just look at the bottom line and fall into the classic ‘knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing’ philistine Tory cliche.

We can only hope that he engages more with the sector (that wouldn’t be difficult) and demonstrates at least a passing interest in culture. And come July with the ACE NPO announcements he might find the job rather more challenging than he might imagine. And of course the general election is only a year away. Good luck Sajid – you’re on probation!

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